Protecting, verifying & analyzing aerospace’s most critical documents & data using Blockchain & AI.


Flight logs, maintenance records, manufacturing documentation, in-flight data and air to ground communication are now 100% verified and immutable. Say hello to instant audit verification and regulator satisfaction. There's a new platform that protects, distributes and verifies data authenticity.  

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Solutions for software Companies

Plug & Play

Enhance your existing aviation software and hardware by using blockchain to immutably verify documents, eliminating any worry of falsification. Capture the critical data your software currently processes and put it through our AI and machine learning API.  

Solutions for Service-Based companies

Stand Alone

Integrate blockchain technology into your existing core business practices and tap into new income streams. Provide your customers with leading edge technology and peace of mind. 


Solutions for everyone

Protect, Verify, Distribute

Ensure that all your critical documents and information are original and remain unchanged. Streamline your audit process, regain your conference room and avoid the courtroom. 

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