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+ Images + Data

Chain Tracks allows any company, anywhere to recored critical documents and images to blockchain ensuring their integrity and immutability.

Some of your critical transactions may not have a supporting document or image associated with them. Chain Tracks can record unlimited key data fields pertaining to your transactions providing you with a universal recipt recorded on blockchain. 

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+ Verification

There is a lot of buzz around blockchain. Here is what you need to know... Chain Tracks has created the most powerful commercial application of blockchain. 

We do nothing with crypto currancy. Chain Tracks has invented the corporate mass adoption use of blockchain. 

Chain Tracks is the highest standard of information verification. 

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+ Access

Chain Tracks has created an ecosystem that securely records all of your critical information on blockchain while at the same time  allowing you to distribute that information real-time to those who need access to it.  

Your records are recorded on blockchain and the people you want to see them can actually view them and know they are accurate. 

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